Palux Cook N Roll - Front of house cooking


The German manufactured Palux Cook n Roll Light duty modular cooking system can be supplied as modular "Table Top" appliances or as a "Drop In" system allowing you to fit it, into bespoke work tops, granite stainless steel etc - makes it ideal for front of house cooking.  We can build a Front cooking system to suit your requirements


  • High efficiency energy saving appliances reduces energy consumption and heat in the kitchen
  • Efficient units with small space requirement
  • Multi functional appliances - allows more that one cooking method, saving on floor area and capital costs
  • All appliances are designed for ease of use and ease of cleaning
  • Large selection of appliance to choose from - Induction Hobs, Ceram boiling tops,  Fryers, Griddles, Pasta boilers, Heated base units,  Refrigerated bases and Combination ovens.

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