Giorik FG7207MT Slimline Twin tank gas fryer - 8 + 8 litre - Electronic control

£2,533.00 (Ex VAT) £3,039.60 (Inc VAT)

400w x 700d x 860/900h

Power Requirements
Gas; 12kw - 1/2" + 230v supply

Detailed Description


Giorik FG7207MT Slimline twin tank gas fryer is built with Electronic controls and  internal heat exchangers - resulting in accurate temperature control, faster recovery and reduced fuel costs as the oil is directly heated by the heating tubes inside the frying tank, and increases oil life as the cool zone under the burner tubes prevents cooking debris being burnt and tainting the oil. Supplied with a drainer tank and with stamped pressed top for easy wipe down.


  • Twin tank gas fryer - 8+8 litre capacity
  • Electronic controls - for precise temperature control and faster heat recovery upto 190ºC
  • Economy - Tube fired for faster recovery time and lower gas useage - with nickel plated cast iron burners
  • Inbuilt melting system - slowly heats oil/fat to 100'C then switches to full power - increases oil life
  • Energy saving - Standby mode
  • Cleanliness - Easy clean pressed top and fryer tank which has radiused corners 
  • Durability - 1.2mm thick pressed top and 304 stainless steel frying tank
  • Safety - Top fitted with "foaming area" and anti drip edges.
  • Safety thermostat fitted prevent oil overheating
  • Oil life - large cool zone extends oil life as cooking debris sits away from the elements
  • Supplied with oil drainer tank with mesh filter
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Sloped front panel allows easy viewing and access to the controls