Electric 5, 6 & 7 rack combi ovens

We supply a large range of electric combination ovens, these are available in 5, 6 or 7 tray capacities, the Giorik ovens will hold 1/1gn or 600 x 400 Euronorm trays, whilst the Palux Maxi oven will hold a 1/1gn, 400 x 600mm Euronorm tray or 2/1gn shelf - offering a highly flexible oven  in a small footprint. Ovens can be supplied with programmable controls or non programmable controls and most ovens are supplied with inbuilt wash systems.  


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Giorik Easyair ETE5-W 5 rack Electric Combi/Bake off oven with wash system

Medium use oven, with automatic inbuilt wash system, Touchscreen controls and core cooking probe

Capcity; 5 x 600x 400mm or 1/1gn

Dims; 870w x 750d x 660h. 

230v - 26amp supply



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Giorik KT061-W 6 x 1/1gn Electric combi oven with wash system

Giorik KT061W/M 6 x 1/1gn Electric combi oven with wash system

Slimline oven - Dims; 520w x 803d x 770h

Electric combination oven - fitted with Touchscreen programmable controls, Fitted as standard with Automatic wash system, 6 speed reversing fan, Steam tuner system, Meteo humidity system and Core cooking probe option

230v 32amp supply

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Palux Maxi Basic 611BQL-W - 7 rack electric combi oven with wash system

Palux Maxi 611BQL-W - 7 x 2/1gn electric combi oven with wash system

High capacity oven -  14 x 1/1gn, 7 x 2/1gn or 600 x 400mm.

Dims 980w x 795d x 840h

Made in Germany - Fitted with Touchscreen Programmable Controls, Automatic wash system, core cooking probe & 5 speed reversing fan motor 

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Giorik "Rooster Booster" SETE061W-RB 6 x 1/1gn Electric Chicken combi oven with wash system

Dedicated Chicken combi oven, with external fat collection system, multi level cooking, wash system and Touchscreen programmable controls - 

Chicken capacity - upto 16 x 1.2kg birds  (32 per hour)

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