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Grelhaco BS Charcoal Churrasco/Brazilian grills

Price on application

1000, 1300, 1600 or 1900w x 700d x 1050, 1200 or 1350h.

Power Requirements
230v 13 amp

Detailed Description

This Grelhaco Floorstanding Charcoal Churassco grill/ sometimes called a Brazilian grill is designed for heavy duty use, with its insulated walls (mineral wool) and heavy duty fire bricks lining the combustion chamber heat loss is kept to a minimum and so helps reduce fuel consumption making it ideal for operators wanting to offer Skewer food presented to the table as in Brazil.


  • Single tier will hold 6, 8, 10 or 12 rotating skewers (spits included)
  • Double tiers will hold 11,15,19 or 23 rotating skewers (spits include)
  • Triple tiers will hold 17, 23, 29 or 35 rotating skewers (spits included)
  • Supplied with stainless steel skewers - 700mm long
  • Charcoal cooking gives true wood flavour - add herbs etc to charcoal to create individual flavours
  • Combustion chamber height = 240mm - from base of firebox to first row of spits
  • Insulated outer walls and lined with high density firebricks - reduces heat loss and reduces fuel consumption
  • Firebricks can be easily replaced
  • Each skewer has its own motor constantly rotating the food
  • Supplied with removable ash collection pan
  • Supplied with mobile base unit with charcoal storage drawer
  • Other spit options available please contact office
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  • Please note if being used inside appliance must be installed under an extraction canopy with adequate capacity and must exhaust to the outside atmosphere.