Peva S25 Mobile double deck wood burning oven

£4,253.09 (Ex VAT) £5,103.71 (Inc VAT)

900w x 930d x 1920mm high

Power Requirements

Detailed Description

This mobile heavy duty wood burning oven is built to last, it can cook Pizza, Bread, large roasts etc  - making it ideal for Restaurants, Pubs and Event caterers. It uses an "Indirect heat combustion chamber" allowing you to burn various types of wood including pallets and sawdust, as toxic smoke and ash is not in contact with the food, it also greatly reduces fuel costs compared to ovens that use wood inside the oven chamber. 

  • Heavy duty steel construction - will give years of use without distorting
  • Supplied with 2 ovens 600w x 800d x 220hmm each - oven chamber is made of foodgrade 304 stainless steel
  • The Top oven floor can be removed giving you one large sized oven of 450mm high
  • Both Oven floors are made of refractory stone - you can cook directly on the base making "Thin and Crispy" pizzas
  • Fully insulated ovens and firebox - reduces heat loss and reduces fuel consumption
  • Radiant heating method creates humidity making it ideal for bread, roasts etc.
  • Temperature range upto 250ºC
  • Refractory stone retains heat - allowing continouous cooking - pizza can be cooked in 3 minutes
  • External fire box prevents food being in direct contact with Ash and Smoke - prevents food being tainted
  • Can use any type of wood - including pallets and sawdust - as food does not come in contact with toxic fumes and ash
  • Fitted with side opening door with heat proof glass door - allows easy viewing of the product
  • Fitted with interior light - 12 volt
  • Supplied with dial thermometer
  • Warmer drawer above oven can be used for plate warmer
  • Supplied with stainless steel front landing edge
  • Wood store cupboard - large storage area at base of unit for storing wood ready for use 
  • Conforms to European standard