Giorik SETE101W "Steambox Evolution" - 10 x 1/1gn rack Electric Combi

£7,172.55 (Ex VAT) £8,607.06 (Inc VAT)

860w x 795d x 1115h

Power Requirements
Electric; 15.7kw - 415v (32 amp)

Detailed Description


This Giorik SETE101W Steambox Evolution  electric combi oven is fitted easy to use programmable Touchscreen controls, core cooking probe with Delta T and retractable hand shower. Oven must be fitted with a water treatment system.


  • Holds 10 x 1/1gn containers at 75mm shelf centres or 8 x 600 x 400mm bakery tray with bakery rack accessory
  • Touchcreen controls - Large 9" screen and clear image icons make the control easy to use.
  • Recipe tuner - you can regulate the level of browness and the time and temperature automatically adjusts.
  • Modes of cooking - Grill, Roast, braise, au gratin, smoke, bread and pastry cooking, oven fry. Temperature range 50 - 300ºC
  • Regeneration - dedicated regeneration cooking ideal for pre cooked meals or banqueting
  • Steamtuner system  (Dry or Wet steam) - allows you to adjust the quality and quantity of steam according to density of product being cooked, ideal for dense products like Carrots and Potatoes
  • Meteo humidity system - the humidity is constantly monitored and will only add more water if required, this can save upto 30% on water consumption  
  • Programmable controls - 99 menus can be stored - with upto 9 phases of cooking in each programme. 
  • Multi shelf timed cooking - allows each shelf to be cooked with a different product at different time settings 
  • Automatic "closed" wash system reduces water consumption  -inbuilt powder/liquid washing system - with a choice of 4 timed cycles - Soft (1hr), Normal (1.3hr), Intense (1.5hr), Hard (2.3hr), - Water consumption Soft (12 ltrs+ 0.2ltr of detergent), Normal (21 ltr + 0.3 ltr of detergent), Intense (25 ltr + 0.4 ltr of detergent), Hard (28 ltr + 0.45 ltr of detergent) - no rinse liquid is required. 
  • Energy saving lights - LED lighting gives bright interior lighting with reduced energy consumption
  • Service diagnosis - self diagnostic software reduces service downtime
  • 6 speed cooking fan fitted with automatic fan reverser - gives even cooking results - no need to turn pan around!
  • Supplied with core cooking probe as standard with "Delta T" cooking mode
  • Fitted with retractable wash shower
  • Fitted with a USB port - this allows menus to be uploaded into the oven from a USB stick, it also allows quick loading of updated software.
  • WIFI connected - optional WIFI module enables the oven to be operated remotely
  • Interior of oven has radiused corners and removable oven racks for easy cleaning.
  • Right hand hinged door - left hand hinged door option
  • All stainless steel construction
  • For Banquet systems please see accessories
Ecolab liquid detergent - 5 litre bottle

Giorik Liquid detergent (7080531) - 5 litre bottle

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Softener 1 Water Treatment System - with flow meter

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GN101 - Gastronom starter kit

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Banquet 101

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Giorik 7080523 Condense extraction canopy

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Giorik 2025122 oven rack to accept 8 x 600 x 400mm bakery trays

Giorik 2025122 oven rack to accept 8 x 600 x 400mm bakery trays

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TY039 1/2gn - 4 bird chicken rack

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