American Range Majestic MSD1GG Heavy duty 12 rack gas convection oven

£4,500.00 (Ex VAT) £5,400.00 (Inc VAT)

1016w x 965d x 1625h

Power Requirements
Gas 23kw - 3/4" supply + 230v 7amp feed

Detailed Description

The American Range Majestic MSD1GG, is a heavy duty gas convection oven, fitted with double glass doors and snorkell convection technology which delivers even heat and fast heat recovery making them ideal for School meals and  high volume operators.


  • Large size oven - 736w x 580d x 610h - oven will accept 2/1gn containers
  • Capacity - 12 shelf positions - oven is supplied with 5 chrome shelves
  • High power - powerful gas burners allows fast pre-heating upto 188ºC in under 7 minutes 
  • Snorkel Convection technology - delivers even turbulent heat 
  • Glass doors - 50/50 glass doors allows easy viewing and open to together to 135ºC
  • Doors are fitted with Stainless steel door gaskets - very durable
  • Porcelained oven - heavy duty black porcelained oven with removable baffle and shelf supports allows easy cleaning
  • KXT thermostat - Temperature range 121 - 260ºC
  • Fitted with oven cool down switch
  • 2 speed fan motor -  fitted as standard allows greater flexibility for cooking delicate products
  • Fitted with interior oven light
  • Timer - 2 hour electric timer with audible alram is fitted as standard
  • Mobile stand - Supplied with mobile stand - Shelf runners + 3 shelves can be supplied as an option - see accessories