KW30 Hot Smoking Oven - 10kg Capacity

£4,714.79 (Ex VAT) £5,657.75 (Inc VAT)

700w x 800d x 1130h

Power Requirements
Elec; 2.2kw - 230v - 10amps

Detailed Description


The KW30 Food smoking oven, is designed for smoking fish, meat and meat products.  Its compact size and pleasing looks makes it ideal for Restaurants, Hotels and Retail outlets wanting to add a new products to their menus but do not have the space for large smoker ovens.


  • Capacity - upto 10kg
  • Toughened glass door - allows you to monitor the smoking process, fitted with hard wearing silicone door seal
  • Fan assisted heating - gives fast heat up time and even heat distribution - temperature upto 110ºC
  • Tochscreen controls - allows you to manage the smoker - Set the temperature, smoking time, manage the lighting process and start the quenching process
  • Electronic timer upto 999 minutes
  • Audible alarm - lets you know when the smoking process has finished
  • Built in smoke generator is supplied with a removable drawer for ease of cleaning
  • Removable tray guides - allow you to use a smoker shelf (535 x 535mm), or rods for hanging products, they can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Insulated chamber - using mineral wool reduces oven heat loss
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior is very durable and easy to clean.
  • Supplied with - 2 smoker shelves, 10 hanging rods with 40 hooks and 15kg of smoke chips
  • Options - Mobile or static stand to made to your design