Grelhaco WG100 Charcoal chargrill

£1,648.96 (Ex VAT) £1,978.75 (Inc VAT)

1000 x 600d x 900h.

Power Requirements

Detailed Description

These Grelhaco chargrills come in two designs - one specifically designed for chicken, these models have a space of 240mm between the charcoal bed and the cooking grates or the meat/fish version which have a 120mm space. The higher spacing for the chicken allows cooking to be done with less "flare up" as the fat buring is further away than in the meat version. 


  • Two designs available - for Chicken or Meat/Fish - 240mm space bewteen grate and charcoal base for chicken model, 120mm for meat/fish model.
  • Inner cooking chamber is lined with high density firebricks - retains heat and long lasting
  • Outer wall are insulated with mineral wool
  • Supplied with removable ash collection pan
  • Supplied with mobile base unit with charcoal storage drawer
  • Please note all charcoal chargills must be sited under an extraction canopy , ideally dedicated to the charcoal grill, with a large enough extract capacity to fully remove all fumes exhausted from the oven to the outside atmosphere. Specialist suppliers can supply an extraction system on request with activated carbon filters and odour neutralizers - please contact office for details.