Grelhaco ROC1-052 Robata Charcoal chargrill with rotating spits

£4,962.70 (Ex VAT) £5,955.24 (Inc VAT)

1400 x 800+120d(removable back panel) x 900h.

Power Requirements
230v 13 amp

Detailed Description


This Grelhaco Brazilian style rotating charcoal grill allows a variety of different foods to be grilled at the same time, without constantly having to turn the product. The grill can be supplied with a range of different spits to suit foods being cooked. It can also be used without the spit by using the cast iron cooking grates instead. Spits for whole chicken, portioned chicken, potatoes, meat and fish are available


  • Rotating spits allows food to "self baste"
  • Supplied with 5 chicken basket spits - each spit will hold 3 x 1.0kg bird 
  • Supplied with 5 cast iron cooking grates under each spit (225 x 725mm) - remove the spit and use as a standard chargrill
  • Inner cooking chamber is lined with high density firebricks - retains heat and long lasting
  • Charcoal cooking gives true wood flavour - add herbs etc to charcoal to create individual flavours
  • Each skewer has its own motor constantly rotating the food
  • Supplied with removable ash collection pan
  • Supplied with mobile base unit with charcoal storage drawer
  • Spit options on request - Suckling pig, Chicken Sword spits, Potato basket spit, meat skewer spits 
  • Please note all charcoal chargills must be sited under an extraction canopy , ideally dedicated to the charcoal grill, with a large enough extract capacity to fully remove all fumes exhausted from the oven to the outside atmosphere. Specialist suppliers can supply an extraction system on request with activated carbon filters and odour neutralizers - please contact office for details.