Arris GV870EL electric chargrill

£2,437.25 (Ex VAT) £2,924.70 (Inc VAT)

800w x 700d x 315h

Power Requirements
Electric; 10.4kw - 415v (3 phase)

Detailed Description

This Arris GV807EL radiant electric chargrill is fitted with a water humidifier system keeping products moist whilst cooking and making cleaning easier as the fat drops into the tray.


  • 2 Independentley controlled cooking zones
  • High performance heating elements are situated inside the cooking bars, gives even heat
  • Manual fill/empty water tray - keeps food moist whilst cooking
  • Cooking areas =  2 x 390 x 530mm
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Element cooking deck lifts up for easy cleaning