Grelhaco ROG1-092 Robata Gas chargrill with 6 rotating spits

£7,885.00 (Ex VAT) £9,462.00 (Inc VAT)

1000w x 900d x 925h.

Power Requirements
230v 13 amp

Detailed Description

This Grelhaco rotating gas chargrill grill allows a variety of different foods to be grilled at the same time, without constantly having to turn the product. The grill can be supplied with a range of different spits to suit foods being cooked. It can also be used without the spit by using the cast iron cooking grates instead. Spits for whole chicken, portioned chicken, potatoes, meat and fish are available


  • Rotating spits allows food to "self baste" -
  • Supplied with 3 independentley controlled cooking chambers, with 2 gas burners per chamber each with its own gas valve
  • Each chamber is fitted with 2 rotating spit gears - this allows 2 sword spits to be used at one time or one chicken basket spit
  • Each chamber is fitted with a removable stainless steel rod grilling rack which sits under the rotating spit - meat can be grilled at the same time on these aswell as using the rotating spits above. (not possible when using chicken basket spit).
  • Each skewer has its own motor constantly rotating the food
  • Spits supplied; 2 sword spits + 1 chicken basket spit + 1 x grilling rack - per chamber
  • Each chicken basket spit will hold 3 birds of 1.0kg
  • Bottom grease collection drawer is designed to be filled with water (manual fill and empty), this allows easy cleaning and also create humidity preventing products drying out during cooking
  • Supplied with wheels as standard.