Palux Topline - Heavy duty modular line (800mm deep)

The German manufactured Palux Topline is a heavy duty modular energy saving cooking line - it is connected by their patented jointing system- which camlocks appliances together preventing liquids seeping between appliances, and keeping appliance clamped together for years of use. Appliances can be seperated at any time, allowing units to be easily exchanged or moved if your menu requirements dictate - a totally flexible cooking suite!!


  • High efficiency energy saving appliances reduces energy consumption and heat in the kitchen
  • Can be linked to an energy optimisation system - reducing power requirement and saving energy
  • Efficient units with small space requirement
  • Multi functional appliances - allows more that one cooking method, saving on floor area and capital costs
  • All appliances are designed for ease of use and ease of cleaning
  • Sloped front control panel allows easy viewing of controls
  • Large selection of appliance to choose from - Induction Hobs, Vario Pans, Planchas, Fryers, Griddles, Pasta boilers, Gas burners, Heated base units, Electric ovens, Refrigerated bases and Combination ovens 

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