Tecnoinox Tecno70 - Medium Duty cooking Line (700mm deep) - Appliance widths 350, 700 and 1035mm wide


The Tecnoinox 700 Line is designed Medium sized kitchens in Restaurants, Hotels etc. Its compact dimension of only 700mm front to back makes it ideal for kitchen with limited space. This 700 line still offers a comprehensive product range making it completley versatile. All appliances are modular and can be supplied on a range of base options, ambient, refrigerated or heated. All equipment is CE approved, gas appliances all being fitted with gas safety valves and thermocouples whilst electric appliances are thermostatically controlled with overheat safety thermostats. All equipment is finished in Stainless steel with a Scotch bright brushed finish.


  • Compact size - only 700mm deep
  • Modular design - allows versatility in the kitchen. appliances are 350, 700 or 1050mm wide
  • Large choice of Cooking equipment - both gas and electric - Oven ranges, boiling tops, Griddles, bratt pans, boiling pans, Fryers, chargrills, pasta boilers, bain maries, 
  • Choice of bases - ambient, refrigerated or heated
  • Cleanliness - pressed tops allow easy cleaning whilst products can be "linked together" using a joing strip, prevents grease dripping between appliances
  • Safety - CE approved. All gas appliances are fitted with safety valves and thermocouples, electric applainces are fitted with thermostat's and Safety stats
  • Durability - Manufactured using Scotch brite brushed stainless steel

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