Berner Combi-Star -BI1K3.5TK Multi use Induction Hob

£2,177.00 (Ex VAT) £2,612.40 (Inc VAT)

400w x 450d x 120mmh

Power Requirements
Electric; 3.5kw - 15amp 230v supply

Detailed Description

The Berner Combi Star BI1K3.5TK highly flexible Induction hob allows you to Boil, Griddle or be used for Wok cooking, by simply adding the specially designed accessories that drop onto the hob. Its compact size makes it ideal for demonstration cooking etc


  • Can be supplied with a choice of accessories - select from list below
  • Induction hob technology - Cooking hob 270 x 270mm thickness 6mm - total hob size 350 x 350mm
  • Fitted with easy to use touch screen controls -Can be set with temperature or power level
  • Supplied with replaceable fat filter - prevents grease getting into generator
  • Fast heat up time - can reduce cooking times by upto 70%
  • Almost no heat is emitted not only making them safe but it also keeps the kitchen cool.