Drop-In Induction Hobs

Are range of Drop-In Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient, they can be upto 92% energy efficient and have very low latent heat emissions, this results in very low energy costs and reduces the heat in the kitchen - this allows you to have a smaller extraction system and air input system so saving on the running costs for the extraction system. Heat up time is extremely quick - faster than gas and energy is only used when the pans in direct contact with the hob. 

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Scholl SH/IN3500 Drop-In Induction Hob

Medium/Heavy duty - Coil 220mm diamter

Power - 3.5kw 15 amp

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Scholl SH/DU/IN 3500 Drop-In Twin Induction Hob

Medium/Heavy duty - 2 x Coils 220mm diamter

Power - 2 x 3.5kw 

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