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Scholl SH/WO/IN 3500 Drop-In Wok Induction Hob

£2,219.65 (Ex VAT) £2,663.58 (Inc VAT)

384w x 384d x 212mmh

Power Requirements
Electric; 3.5kw - 230v 15 amp supply

Detailed Description


These Drop In Countertop Induction hobs are upto 92% energy efficient, they have extremely fast heat up times and give off almost no heat, making them ideal for "Front of house cooking" where safety is an issue.


  • Induction hob technology - power is only used when pan is on ring
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Electronically controlled input - with remote temperature control, simply plugs in
  • Fast heat up time - can reduce cooking times by upto 70%
  • Almost no heat is emitted not only making them safe but it also keeps the kitchen cool.
  • Cut out size 360 x 360mm