Tilting Bratt Pan with stirer

These heavy duty Tilting Bratt Panss are a versatile piece of high production catering equipment which is perfect for large quantity production. These bratt pans have a deep circular cooking pot and the heat source to the cooking pan can be either gas or electric. These bratt pans are fitted with tilting tank for easy unloading and cleaning and are fitted with an inbuilt mixer - reducing labour content and preventing products from sticking. These bratt pans are available in 90, 130, 180 or 310 litre capacities - for faster cooking times select the "Pressure" pans, not only quicker but also have better fusion of the product.

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Firex Cucimix CBTG..V1 Gas High temperature tilting kettle with stirrer and Touchscreen programmable controls

Direct Heat - 90 - 130 - 180 or 310 Litre versions

Temperature Range 20 - 220ºC

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