Charcoal Ovens - with glass doors

Get the authentic charcoal flavour using these stylish Movilfrit Charcoal ovens, all kinds of food can be cooked, meat, fish and vegetable. All the ovens are fitted with a high temperature glass door, that will withstand temperatures upto 750ºC allowing you to view the food whilst cooking, this helps to maintain oven temperature and reduces charcoal consumption. All are supplied with an external fat collection tray preventing "fires" inside the oven chamber - all models are fitted with internal firewall and internal air flow regulator as standard, with the option of fitting an external device aswell. We can supply these ovens with the unique "Coconut charcoal" this burns longer with reduced flare and gives a different flavour.

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Movilfrit BR45 Charcoal oven

For upto 70 dinners

Dims; 680w x 535d x 670h.

Fitted with drop down door.

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Movilfrit BR50 Charcoal oven

Upto to 100 diners

Dims; 900w x 790d x 900h.

Fitted with drop down door.

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Movilfrit BR170G Double Charcoal oven

Upto 150 diners - slow cooking/holding in top oven

Dims; 900w x 790d x 1900h.

Fitted with drop down door and height adjustable firebox to lower oven

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