Movilfrit BR170G Double Charcoal oven

£6,858.97 (Ex VAT) £8,230.76 (Inc VAT)

900w x 790d x 1900h

Power Requirements
None required

Detailed Description

Get the authentic charcoal flavour using this Movilfrit BR170 Double Charcoal oven, all kinds of food can be cooked, meat, fish and vegetable. The top oven can be used for slow cooking larger cut of meat The oven is fitted with a height adjustable firebox allowing greater control of the heat intensity and is fitted with high temperature glass door, that will withstand temperatures upto 750ºC allowing you to view the food whilst cooking, this helps to maintain oven temperature and reduces charcoal consumption. Oven is supplied in all black as standard or can be supplied with red sides, a stainless steel version is avaialble at an additional cost.


  • Use - upto 150 diners
  • Output of meat per hour = 125kg  (includes top oven)
  • Charcoal load = 4kg
  • The firebox to the lower oven can be raised and lowered allowing greater control of the cooking process, as heat can be quickly withdrawn or added
  • Fitted with front grease collection tray - prevents oven "flare up"
  • Fitted with hinged glass door - glass door will withstand temperatures upto 750ºC
  • Glass door allows you to view products being cooked - this means you don't have to keep opening the door so maintaining the oven temperature and helping to reduce charcoal consumption.
  • Cast iron steel interior - retains heat within the oven
  • Fully insulated oven chamber
  • Fitted with thermometer
  • Fitted as standard with internal Firebreak - prevents fire exiting the oven and going into the extract canopy
  • Can be used with Charcoal, Coconut charcoal or Firewood
  • Ash collection tray
  • Supplied on stand fitted with castors - fitted with brakes
  • Supplied with 1 x grooved cooking grate for meat, 1 x stainless steel grid for fish,  1 x meat tongs + 1 x poker.
  • Supplied in Black as standard or with red sides (same price) for an additional charge the oven can be finished with stainless steel front and side, please ring for price.
  • Please note all charcoal ovens must be sited under an extraction canopy , ideally dedicated to the charcoal oven, with a large enough extract capacity to fully remove all fumes exhausted from the oven to the outside atmosphere - please contact office for details.