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Grelhaco "Rodizios" GRGM - Multi purpose gas grill - Overfired gas burners allows various foods to be cooked

Price on application

1150,1400,1650 or 1900w x 900d x 1600h.

Power Requirements
Gas + 230v 13 amp

Detailed Description


This Grelhaco Multipurpose Rodizios Brazilian multi purpose gas grill. It is specifically designed for front of house cooking and creates an attractive theatre cooking theme. Ideal for grilling chicken and other meat portions, steaks, ribs etc, it will grill a chicken in 25 minutes!! and suffers little weight loss. Each spit will hold 3 x 1kg birds.


  • Spit options - 5, 7 , 9 or 11 spits -  Rotating spits allows food to "self baste" 
  • 2 tiers of spits allows fast and slow grilling option
  • Capacity - Each spit will hold 3 x 1kg birds
  • Fast grilling time - 25 minutes for chicken
  • Humidity and ease of cleaning - Fitted with removable  water trays - gives humidity during cooking and allows easy cleaning. Tray is fitted with an electronic fill system and drain off taps.
  • Powerful - Overhead fuel efficient Gas burners are fitted with electronic ignition
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Supplied with base cabinet with sliding doors, wheels as standard.
  • Can be supplied with heated base cupboard on request - please ring office for prices