North GK7 Gas Churrasco grill

£2,385.22 (Ex VAT) £2,862.26 (Inc VAT)

860w x 650d x 825h.

Power Requirements
Gas - 13.2kw + 230v

Detailed Description

This North G7 Counter top Gas Churrasco grill, (Brazilian grill) gives an exciting "Front of house" cooking experience, it is designed for cooking skewered meat cuts, chicken and meat joints. With its small foot print it is ideal for sites wanting to add this new cooking method to thier menu, and involving their customer.


  • Holds 7 skewers (supplied)  - skewer length 570mm, can cook chicken and cuts of meat
  • Distance between skewers is 65mm
  • The spit assembly can be moved away or towards the gas burners, allowing bigger products to be cooked
  • 3 rear mounted High efficiency infra red gas burners each fitted with its own gas valve 
  • Heavy duty "worm drive" rotates all the spits
  • Supplied with removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Supplied for Natural gas use, but can be ordered for bottle gas use.