Convection/Bake Off Ovens

We supply a selection of Gas convection ovens and Electric convection ovens,  from small counter top to large heavy duty ovens, some ovens are designed for "Bake off"  use and will hold a 600 x 400mm Euronoam tray size and 1/1gn sized tray making them highly versatile.  Some of  the ovens are fitted with automatic fan reversing - this gives even cooking results, so you do not need to turn the tray around in the middle of cooking, some ovens are fitted with a host of accessories - including self cleaning systems, ( this saves on man hours cleaning the oven - simply switch the wash cycle on before you go home, the oven will be clean and ready for use in the morning ), USB ports - this allows you to upload pre-set menus into the oven, download HACCP data and update latest software, Core probe - allows the oven to automatically cook the product until it reaches the temperature you have set.