FR670E1-10 - 10 Ltr Electric Flat bottom Fish fryer

£1,257.64 (Ex VAT) £1,509.17 (Inc VAT)

700w x 650d x 290h

Power Requirements
Elec; 8.4kw - 415v 3 PHASE

Detailed Description

This FR670E electric counter top fish fryer has a Flat bottom with external heating elements allowing a large shallow frying area - ideal for frying Fish, Tempura prawns, Tacco shells, Doughnuts etc. 


  • Single tank electric fryer - 10 litre capacity
  • Frying area =  640w x 380d x 200mm high
  • Fry tank made of 304 stainless steel
  • Flat bottom - with external heating elements allows easy cleaning 
  • Reduced oil consumption - due to exteranl elements less oil is required, no cool zone needed
  • External Heating elements - embedded into aluminium plate under fryer tank - gives fast heat recovery and even heat distribution
  • Energy saving - Partial power setting (5.6kw) allows fryer to be used on a lower power so reducing energy consumption
  • Supplied with chrome plated basket and stainless steel lid as standard
  • Thermostatically controlled upto 185ºC, fitted with safety cut out thermostat
  • Fitted wiith 4 adjustable nylon feet