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Giorik FE7217M/EU Twin tank electric fryer - 17 + 17 litre - Electronic control

£2,995.00 (Ex VAT) £3,594.00 (Inc VAT)

800w x 700d x 860/900h

Power Requirements
Electric; 33kw - 415v (32amp)

Detailed Description


This Giorik FE7217M twin tank electric fryer is fitted with electronic controls allowing greater temperature control and faster recovery times. The control also has a melting system which increase the oil life as the oil is gradually heated to 100'c before then going onto maximum power.


  • Twin tank electric fryer - 17+17 litre capacity
  • Electronic controls - for precise temperature control and faster heat recovery
  • Inbuilt melting system - slowly heats oil/fat to 100'C then switches to full power - increases oil life
  • Energy saving - Standby mode
  • Cleanliness - Easy clean pressed top and rotating elements allow easy access to fryer tank which has radiused corners 
  • Durability - 1.2mm thick pressed top and 304 stainless steel frying tank
  • Safety - Top fitted with "foaming area" and anti drip edges.
  • Safety thermostat fitted prevent oil overheating
  • Oil life - large cool zone extends oil life as cooking debris sits away from the elements
  • Slide out runners - Oil drainer tank is fitted on slide out runners allowing safe handling of the oil
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Sloped front panel allows easy viewing and access to the controls