Giorik SRH2060 Hi lite Plus Electric salamander grill

£1,184.50 WAS £1785.00 (Ex VAT) £1,421.40 (Inc VAT)

570w x 530d x 520h

Power Requirements
Electric; 4.5kw - 230v or 415v (3 phase)

Detailed Description


Giorik SRH2060 Hi Lite plus electric salamander grill is an energy saving salamander grill, will reach 200ºC temperature within 20 seconds dramatically reducing power consumption by upto 79% !!. The grill will automatically switch on when the plate or tray is pushed up against the on/off switch and switches off to stanby mode when removed, it has cook and hold ability allowing food to be kept ready for service at the correct temeprature, it has a height adjustable grilling head and easy clean glass heating shield. This unit will also help to reduce temperatures in the kitchen.


  • Rapid Heat up time 0 - 200'c in only 20 seconds - allows cooking on demand
  • Grilling area - 700 x 365mm (1/1gn)
  • Reduces heat in kitchen as grill does not need to be left on
  • Cook and hold ability by a simple push of a button - with temperature selection between 40 - 70'C
  • Fitted with Plate detection bar - switches heating elements on and off when loaded and unloaded
  • Fitted with 4 High powered heating elements - with a choice of element selection - all 4 on, or individual elements on - again saving energy
  • Height adjustable grilling elemnts - can come down to 25mm above product
  • Easy to clean - removable grill tray (water can be placed inside tray to create humidity and reduce "fat flare up")
  • Fitted with push button electronic controls and audible electronic timer
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • On site warranty - 1 years parts & 1 year labour
  • Must not be placed directly above a heat source!!