Italforni TSC Tunnel Electric Stone Deck Conveyor oven

£23,694.00 (Ex VAT) £28,432.80 (Inc VAT)

1420deep x 2520wide x 1280high (includes stand)

Power Requirements
34kw (3 phase)

Detailed Description


This Italforni "Tunnel Stone" Italian made  electric Stone deck conveyor pizza oven, has a refractory stone conveyor belt allowing you to do genuine Stone bake "Thin and Crispy" Italian pizzas.  Unlike gas ovens no Interlock system is required allowing a simple installation. These ovens can be used for cooking other products, not just pizzas, such Tortillas, Bruschetta, Crostini, Pitta bread, Chicken wings etc



  • Italian made - with Refractory stone conveyor - creates Stone baked pizza - cook directly on the stone belt.
  • Digital controls allows  temperature control of +/-1ºC accuracy, precise belt speed control and has self diagnostic service function.
  • Static incoloy heating elements - top and bottom each individually controlled
  • Oven temperature  50 -  450ºC
  • Output per hour - 510 x 8",  306 x 10",  238 x 12", 136 x 14",  81 x 18" or 65 x 20"
  • Belt width is 790mm x 1120mm
  • Variable speed belt 
  • Oven size 830 x 1500 x 110mmh
  • Can be stacked 2 or 3 high - prices on request
  • Easy to use electronic digital controls - fitted with Stand By mode - reducing energy consumption by 50% 
  • Removable crumb trays allows easy cleaning
  • Supplied with mobile stand as standard
  • On site warranty - 2 years parts 1 year labour