Ischia "Firedeck" IFGW7 - Combined Gas+wood fired pizza oven for building In

£3,605.00 (Ex VAT) £4,326.00 (Inc VAT)

1350w x 1500d x adjustable

Power Requirements
Wood + Gas 3/4" supply

Detailed Description

The"Ischia Firedeck oven" is supplied already assembled. They are fitted with fixed round refractory cooking decks, and with a spherical curved oven interior creating the right flow of internal heat for fast cooking times. Fully insulated top and bottom means remarkable energy saving. The internal atmospheric gas burner is adjustable to set different flame settings.These ovens can be used for a variety of foods not just pizza.  


  • Supplied pre-assembled
  • 80mm thick Refractory stone floor gives genuine Italian style pizza
  • Oven size -  1000mm diameter 
  • Opening width = 800mm, with front landing shelf fitted
  • Dome cooking chamber - with internal atmospheric gas burner
  • Supplied with removable door fitted with temperature thermometer
  • Fully insulated top and bottom - reduces energy consumption and maintains temperature
  • Supplied with stand
  • Exterior finish in black sheet steel - designed for customers to clad with their own designs.
  • On site warranty - 2 years parts 1 year labour


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