TPPR.07.15.BL.7 Black Iron Pizza Pan 7" x 1.5" Deep

£4.88 (Ex VAT) £5.86 (Inc VAT)

178mm base x 38mm deep

Power Requirements

Detailed Description


  • The 7" dimension is the base diameter of the panBlack Iron" is the term given to products made from mild steel, not to its colour. More robust than aluminium especially when baking at high temperatures it is ideal for baking pizzas

  • Seasoning Instructions before initial use - Wash in warm soapy water and quickly dry, then wipe a small amount of cooking oil on all surfaces and bake until the oil has burnt onto the pan. Wipe all excess oil from the pan - you are then ready to go !!

  • Black Iron may need periodic seasoning - Never soak Black Iron in water!!