PG CO300+ Dough divider with rounding machine and stand

£6,625.00 (Ex VAT) £7,950.00 (Inc VAT)

660w x 800d x 1340h mm

Power Requirements
1.3kw 230v - 13 amp

Detailed Description

This automated pizza dough divider and dough rounding machine will save labour time and will guarantee pizza consistency time after time. Easy to use and clean with inbuilt safety features it is an invaluable appliance for any pizza producer.  


  • Will divide dough between 50  to 300 grams - unit is supplied with 5 cones 50/90, 80/130, 120/180, 170/230, 220/300 grams
  • Top Hopper will hold 30kg of unleavened dough at a maximum temperature of between 15 to 20ºC 
  • Fitted with 2 safety switches
  • Easy adjustment of the cutting knife
  • Divided dough simply drops into the rounding machine sited underneath
  • Rounding machine will handle dough size 50 to 300 grams
  • Divider and Rounding machine disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Rounding machine is fitted with castors as standard 
  • The stand, dividing machine and top of rounding machine are made of stainless steel construction - durable and easy to clean