Inotech Electric rotisserie (single spit movement)

Healthy Eating, Healthy profits - Spit roast chicken can give you profit margins of upto 70% !!. Natural juices are never lost with spit roast chicken as the bird rotates it "Self bastes" sealing in flavour and preventing the bird drying out, to increase the flavour try pre- rubbing your chciken with your own signature marinate.  We offer a large range of  Commercial Chicken rotisseries that can be used indoors and outdoors, we even supply gas rotisseries that will run off a 12 volt car battery. If you are looking for a Rotisserie for front of house cooking we would recommend the Inotech Mini seduction, Seduction and Legend models found in "Rotisseries gas" section. The Hi speed Infra-red rotisseries have the latest cooking technology - it directs intense heat into the product enhancing the flavour and reduces cooking times - some of these models have programmable controls for each individual spit allowing you to cook a selection of products automatically.