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GR5P - Utensil Washer/Soaker

Price on application

1350w x 700d x 920h

Power Requirements
Electric; 230v 13amp

Detailed Description

The GR system utensil washer/soaker is ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Hospitals, Fast food outlets, where heavily soiled items need quick and hygenic cleaning to guarentee no cross contamination may occur. Ideal for cleaning fryer baskets, rotisserie spits, exhaust fan filters, gastronorm and bakery trays, wire shelves, chargrill cast iron cooking grates, polyethylene cutting boards, copper, stainless steel and aluminium products. 


  • Capacity - 470 litres - tank size 1200w x 560d x 720d
  • Speed - Unlike a conventional de-carbonizer the GR system will clean blackened soiled pans within 20 minutes allowing them to be quickly back in use. This saves on the amount of pans required and on energy use.
  • Flexibility - Easy to use automatic electronic controls,  Heating, emptying, rinsing and re-filling is done automatically
  • Detergent loading - The controls can be programmed to remind you when to add new detergent. This can be set to suit your own requirements between 7 to 30 days.
  • Inbuilt drain pump - Easy to install, the drain pump allows it to be sited anywhere no need for a floor drain -  can be sited as a conventional dishwasher
  • Safety - The machine uses a non caustic non toxic detergent powder, easy to store and use. 
  • Ecological - Detergent is completley biodegradable having only a PH factor of 10.4
  • Temperature range  - contstant 85 to 90ºC temperature is achieved guarenteeing the neutralization of bacteria in adherence to HACCP 
  • Options - can be supplied with tray holder for quick loading/unloading and with optional automatic timed lifting system