Giorik KORE - KM101W 10 x 1/1gn Slimline Electric combi oven with wash system

£5,717.40 (Ex VAT) £6,860.88 (Inc VAT)

520w x 803d x 1010h

Power Requirements
Electric; 13.8kw - 230v (60 amp) or 415v (3 phase) 32amp

Detailed Description


This Giorik "KORE"  KM101W compact electric combi oven is fitted as standard with easy to use programmable Touchscreen controls, an inbuilt wash system, automatic reversing fan with 3 speeds, multi level cooking programme  and core cooking option with Delta T.


  • Capacity - Holds 10 x 1/1gn containers at 60mm shelf centres
  • 5" Touchscreen programmable controls - with one touch favourites menu allowing 9 favourites to be stored.
  • Recipe book - 85 Pre-set and customizable menus are already loaded in the software with upto 9 phases of cooking in each recipe
  • Mode of cooking - Steam only, Hot air only, Hot air with variable steam, Regeneration, 
  • Recessed encoder knob - prevents accidental damage 
  • Inbuilt wash system - inbuilt liquid detergent washing system - with a choice of 4 timed cycles - Soft (48mins) Normal (53mins) Hard (58mins) Rinse (4 mins)
  • Water & Detergent consumption on wash cycle - Soft (31 Ltrs + 320cc of detergent) Normal (33 ltr + 380cc of detergent), Hard  (38 ltr + 470cc of detergent.  of detergent)  - no rinse liquid is required. 
  • Multi level cooking - each of the shelves can be set with their own timer, this allows different product types to be cooked at the same time - eg breakfast menu
  • 3 speed cooking fan fitted with automatic fan reverser - gives even cooking results - no need to turn pan around!
  • "Delta T" cooking mode - with core probe supplied - allows slow cooking of meat joints reducing shrinkage and increasing yield
  • Fitted with adjustable humidity controls - ideal for baking
  • Fitted with timer 0 - 120 minutes or continuous setting
  • Thermostatically controlled Temperature range 50 - 270'C (300ºC on Hot air mode)
  • Fitted with a USB port - this allows menus to be uploaded into the oven from a USB stick, it also allows quick loading of updated software.
  • Hidden Core probe and USB ports keeps them free of possible damage.
  • Supplied with core cooking probe
  • LED lighting - gives bright oven illumination and reduce energy use
  • Water saving - the steam quench system can be switched off if sited under an extraction canopy. This does not effect cooking results but can dramatically save on water useage.
  • Interior of oven has radiused corners and removable oven racks for easy cleaning.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Stacking option - Can be stacked 2 high with another 6 rack oven or 10 rack oven
  • Can be supplied Left or Right hand hinged, right hand is standard supply
  • Water treatment system must be fitted, warranty maybe invalid without one fitted

Core probe 2025971 For Kompatto

Core cooking probe - with Delta T cooking

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