Prince Castle 943B Tomato Saber

£458.04 (Ex VAT) £549.65 (Inc VAT)


Power Requirements

Detailed Description

This Price Castle 943B tomato saber is an essential piece of equipment in your kitchen when slicing tomato's, it will slice the tomato into 6.4mm thick pieces, ideal for salads, pizzas etc. Its compact design allows to sit anywhere 


  • 9 blades, will slice tomato into 6.4mm thick slicers
  • Blade caraige contains pre-tensioned stainless steel blades - no need for adjustment
  • Pusher handle - directs the operators force along the centre of the tomato towards the blades - easy and effortless
  • Contoured pusher - holds guides the tomato through the blade cartridge
  • Cast aluminium base - storng, light and non corrosive
  • Tomato catcher - collects the sliced tomato
  • Warranty - 12 Months Parts and Labour