Set for LPG gas use


Firex PM1IG200 - 220 ltr Gas Indirect heat boiling pan

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1000w x 1150d x 900h

Power Requirements
Gas; 34.5kw - 1/2 inch Supply

Detailed Description

Firex Easypan PM1IG200 Gas Indirect heat boiling pan is ideal for boiling large amounts of products - ideal for Food manufacturers or institutional cooking. The Indirect heat water jacket means no heat source is in direct contact with the cooking tank - this prevents any chance of product being burnt, making them ideal for cooking delicate products such as custard, jams etc.   


  • Gas Indirect heat boiling pan - 200 ltr useful capacity  220 ltr overall 
  • Tank made of 316 marine grade stainless steel - allows food to be cooked with high acidity content
  • Pan size 750mm dia x 520h
  • Easy to use analogue controls
  • Thermostatically controlled 20 - 105ºC
  • 2" Chrome plated brass drain off valve
  • Fitted with hot & cold swiveling water fill tap
  • Spring loaded hinged lid
  • Supplied with height adjustable legs
  • Heavy duty all stainless steel construction
  • Recommended options - Automatic water jacket fill (prevents boil dry)  Insulated lid - reduces heat loss, saves energy
  • Supplied set for Natural gas use - LPG use option
Firex Auto jacket fill

Firex Auto jacket fill

Recommended accessory

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