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Firex Basket PRIGM..V1 Gas InDirect heat tilting kettles with stirrer with Touchscreen programmable controls

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Power Requirements
Gas + 230v (see brochure)

Detailed Description



These Firex Basket Major line Gas Indirect Heat tilting kettles with inbuilt stirrer are  ideal for cooking Stews, Sauces and stocks etc - as the kettle is heated by a water jacket, no heat source is in direct contact with the kettle, this prevents any possibility of the product being burnt whilst cooking - the labour saving programmable inbuilt stirrer can rotate in both directions giving even product mix. All kettles are fitted with motorised tilting of the kettle, allowing quick and safe emptying.


  • Easy to use programmable touchscreen controls with 7" TFT screen - allows you to program at the touch of a button entire recipes with different stages of cooking with Mixer, temperature, time and water filling settings. Can also be used in manual mode.
  • Gas Indirect heat - choice of Capacity - 105, 130, 180, 242, 301 or 500 litre 
  • The water jacket has an automatic fill system with safety shut off system - this prevents it boiling dry
  • Water treatment system must be fitted to jacket water supply 
  • Fitted with high pressure release valve to jacket
  • Cooking tank is made of 304 foodgrade stainless steel - base being 12mm thick and sides being 3mm.
  • Precise digital electronic controls - with LED readout 
  • Controls allow automatic water fill of kettle to pre set amount
  • Inbuilt timer allows deffered cooking start time
  • Temperature range 20 to 105ºC
  • Motorised tilting of the kettle allows quick and safe emptying
  • Variable speed stirrer (6 - 14 rpm) , easily removable for cleaning will rotate in both directions - stirer can be programmed to suit recipes
  • Fitted with instant electronic ignition for easy lighting - with high efficiency stainless steel burner on gas models
  • Fitted with hot & cold water fill tap
  • Spring loaded Insulated lid hinged lid
  • Supplied with height adjustable legs - castor option
  • Heavy duty all 304 stainless steel construction
  • Integrated HACCP connection
  • View brochure for full range of accesories
  • Supplied set for Natural gas use - LPG use option
  • Warranty - 2 years parts warranty, 1 years labour
Firex PACF Lid filling hole with teflon cover

Firex PACF Lid filling hole with teflon cover

Ingredient filling hole with Teflon cover

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