Salvajor P914 Food waste Collector with rinsing flume

£10,282.00 (Ex VAT) £12,338.40 (Inc VAT)

928w x 565dmm

Power Requirements
230v - 13amp 3/4" Hot & Cold water feed reduced to 1/2" at connection. 2" waste

Detailed Description



These high output foodwaste collectors are ideal for operators who are not allowed to put food waste into their waste system, or whose waste system is prone to blockages. They can reduce bulk foodwaste by as much as 50% and weight by as much as 80%.  Using the high speed re-circualting water flume, instead of an overhead pre rinse arm, rinsing time is greatly reduced as the operator can use both hands whilst at the same time reducing water spillage on the floor. Pans and plates can be left soaking whilst rinsing continues.  As water is constantly re-circulated for rinsing water consumption is greatly reduced - these units only uses 7 litres of fresh water per minute whilst the machine is running.


  • Designed to be "dropped" into a work top - cutout size 927.8mm x 565.2mm
  • Low water consumption - 8 litres of fresh water per minute
  • Powerful re-circulating water flume - recirculates at 113 litres per minute
  • Water flume can be adjusted in height depending on product being rinsed
  • Water flume has adjustable temperature setting
  • Problem dishes, trays and cookware with dried or baked on food need much less hard work, they can be soaked in the Collector basin while scrapping continues on other dishes.
  • Scrapping speed is more than double compared to using a Overhead pre-rinse arm as the operator can use both hands
  • Non clogging Powerful 3.4h.p pump - with thermal protection
  • Supplied with waterproof control panel - can be mounted to the left or right on installation
  • Supplied with water Backflow prevention device
  • Supplied with 1 x  High impact polymer plastic scrap basket and tank cover
  • All stainless steel construction including legs
  • Supplied as a complete unit or can be supplied in 2 parts so can be welded into an existing work top.
  • Warranty - 24 years parts and 1 year labour

980104 Control board remote mounting bracket

Allows control panel to be located away from the machine - additional wiring will be needed subject to distance (not supplied)

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