Giorik GM0511E Low temperature oven/Holding oven

£2,009.29 (Ex VAT) £2,411.15 (Inc VAT)

450w x 630d x 570h

Power Requirements
Electric; 1.0kw - 230v

Detailed Description

This Giorik GM0511E counter top warming holding oven will keep food warm precisely at the pre-set temperature prior to service. By using the temperature probe it can be used for slow cooking joints of meat, casserole etc overnight, the low temperature cooking not only enhances the flavour but also reduces shrinkage. 



  • Radiant heating elements are built into the side walls - this heating method prevents food from drying out
  • Electronic controls keep accurate temperature control 
  • Temperature range can be set between 60 - 95ºC - can also be used for slow cooking
  • Fitted with core cooking probe - cooks/reheats food to preset temperature
  • Delta T cooking selection - oven will only rise in temperature at a set rate (set by the chef) above the core probe reading, this allows slow cooking of delicate items without the outside cooking too fast due to the oven being to hot.
  • Completely insulated cavitiy provide maximum energy efficiency
  • Will hold 5 x 1/1gn containers - upto 65mm mm deep, (not included)
  • Recessed side handles allow easy moving of appliance
  • Adjustable steam vent in door allows humidity to be controlled depending on product being stored 
  • Stainless steel construction throughout with radiused internal corners - easy to clean and durable