Cambro UPCH8002 Electric heated Ultra Pan Carrier

£1,837.83 (Ex VAT) £2,205.40 (Inc VAT)

450w x 670d x 1372h

Power Requirements
Elec; .265kw

Detailed Description

This Cambro UPCH8002 Electric Ultra Pan Carrier, is designed for the holding and transportation of heated meals. Manufactured from tough polyethylene and insualted with foam it is both light, durable and maintains product temperature for hours even when not plugged in. Ideal for Event Caterers, Banquet operations, Meals on Wheels etc. mobile Ingedient bin is designed to sit under worktops, is mobile and made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.


  • Tough polyethylene exterior stays cool to touch and is light and durable - makes easy mobility
  • Foam insulation - maintains product temperature even when not plugged in
  • Will hold 12 x 1/1gn containers - 65mm deep.
  • Gentle 71ºC heat maintains food moisture
  • 45 minute pre heat time from room temperature
  • 90 second recovery time after door has been opened
  • Single 230mm nylon latch provides quick and secure opening and closing
  • Vent cap equalises pressure and releases steam
  • Removable plug lead stows securely for transport
  • Built in thermometer
  • Temperature range 65 - 74ºC
  • Can be stacked 2 high