Palux Bistroline Drops Into Bakkavor

Posted on July 5th, 2016

Kitchen layout

Client requirement

Bakkavor are a leading manufacturer of Ready meals supplying major supermarket chains and other blue chip accounts. A private test kitchen was required for client presentations allowing both supplier and client to develop their own recipes. A Commercial kitchen capable of meeting demands was required but without the “Industrial look”.


Working alongside Jackie Snaith, Bakkavor’s design consultant, we were able to design a kitchen to suit the clients needs using Palux Bistroline equipment.

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“Bread Street Kitchen” boosts steak sales thanks to the Dry Age meat maturing fridge !

Posted on November 6th, 2015



Gordon Ramsay’s “Bread Street Kitchen” recently installed  a Dry Age meat maturing fridge, and was astonished at the increased sales during their lunchtime sitting. Other sites are now following this lead and adding them to their kitchen. The Dry Ager fridge allows time to produce an exceptional result, the texture of the meat is softer, the flavour is more intense – it just melts in your mouth! The meat ages on the bone at a constant humidity, which can be set between 60% to 90% and a constant temperature of 2’c (again adjustable),UVC sterilization and carbon filtration retains the quality of the meat. The Himalayan salt pack adds flavour to the meat during the aging process. The Dry Ager can be used for maturing cheese and curing pork making it an adaptable appliance now required in the modern day kitchen. The fridge is supplied as a single door freestanding appliance as standard, however it can be built in and “multiplexed” to suit site requirements.




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Italforni Bull Pizza Oven in the Crieff Hydro

Posted on July 25th, 2014


Crieff Hydro


Italforni Bull Pizza Oven

Italforni Bull Pizza Oven

When the Crieff Hydro wanted a pizza oven for a centre piece in their new Piccolo Brasserie Italian family dining concept, they looked no further than the

Italforni Bull pizza oven as their dramatic centrepiece.


Supplied in Ferrari Red, the Triple deck pizza oven has been affectionately christened ‘Big Nonna’ and takes centre stage in their open plan kitchen.


The Italforni Bull oven was launched at the Milan Show and is available in any RAL colour, or even with screen printed graphics.  A completely ceramic chamber gives excellent heat retention and crisp, rapid baking results.  As well as for pizza, the oven can also cook focaccia, ciabatta and lasagne.




Still a family owned business, Italforni  have been making quality Italian pizza ovens since 1978.  As well as making standard pizza ovens they have won many awards including:

LONGEST PIZZABest Product of the year 2014 for the Bull oven at Gulfood

Guinness world record for  the longest ever pizza  with their Tunnel Stone conveyor oven 264.8 metres

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A pizza oven to sing about!

Posted on July 7th, 2014


Royal Albert HallWhen the Royal Albert Hall were looking at introducing a new Italian dining concept, they turned to Italforni to give them a solution to providing authentic stone baked pizza.

Concert goers are looking for a quick healthy meal pre or post performance and the introduction of pizza and pasta fitted the bill perfectly, all provided in a spectacular setting, aptly named Verdi Restaurant

The Italforni Tunnel stone oven is the only oven in the world to have a conveyor belt made of stone, which gives speed, ease of use and large volumes, without losing the handmade taste.   The ability to double stack the ovens means that a large volume of pizza can be produced in a relatively small commercial kitchen.     

As well as pizza, the Italforni tunnel conveyor pizza oven can also be used for cooking vegetables, meats, ciabatta etc thanks to the speed control and adjustable temperatures.

Featuring live music on a Friday night, Verdi Restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall offers diners  authentic Italian pizza in a venue that is second to none, so why not try the pizza cooked on the Italforni oven next time you are in London?


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Bottelino’s buy Palux Topline for Efficiency and Energy Saving

Posted on December 6th, 2013

Bottelino’s, one of the leading restaurant chains in Bristol, have just opened a new restaurant in Queens Road, Clifton. The new venue has been designed to conform to their new restaurant concept. The brief was to have high quality equipment that looks attractive, due to being on display, whilst boasting cutting edge engineering that is energy efficient to reduce running costs and to satisfy their green environmental policy.


The Topline range from leading German manufacturer Palux was selected due to the innovative energy saving features and robust design. Palux have developed their equipments ergonomic potential to ensure that the Chefs’ productivity is maximised. Due to its construction it is easy to clean, omits less heat, making life more comfortable for the chefs and allows extraction canopies to be run on lower settings, again reducing energy costs.

This kitchen boasts Induction Hobs, Energy Efficient Planchas, GriddlesCombi Ovens, and Salamander Grills.




This whole restaurant was designed and built within 5 weeks.


Mike Botta and Colin Wiltshire of Bottelino’s are extremely happy and impressed with the equipment supplied.

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Induction Cooking

Posted on November 15th, 2013

Energy efficiency has to be one of your key considerations when you source new equipment. By investing in energy efficient equipment not only will you save money year on year, you will also reduce the impact on the environment.


Induction Cooking works using electromagnetism which directly heats the cookware itself as opposed to open burners or electric hobs. Induction cooking is faster, boasts instantly responsive temperature control and is more energy-efficient than traditional cooking methods.


Heat is produced by inducing an electric current within the cooking vessel itself, created using a coil of wire beneath the cooking pot. An alternating electric current travels through the coil producing an oscillating magnetic field, this then induces an electric current within the pot. The current then creates resistive heating which heats the food. This is all produced using a low voltage.
Because the heat is produced within the cookware with induction cooking this drastically reduces and almost eliminates the heat emissions into the kitchen resulting in a cooler, more comfortable environment. Cooling air is pushed through the electronics, but emerges only a little warmer than the ambient temperature of the kitchen. Another benefit is that burn injuries are far less likely to occur due to the surface of the cooking appliance only getting heated where it is in contact with the cooking pan.



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Rotisserie with Infra-Red Technology

Posted on October 4th, 2013

CB Planet Infra-Red Rotisseries

Hi Speed rotisserie reduces energy costs and increases output


  • High speed rotisserie fitted with the latest infra red heating technology with high heat intensity to give “Crispy chicken” finish
  • Infra red element is easy to clean
  • Cooking time – 60 minutes per 1.1kg bird – 192 bird output per 8 hour shift
  • Supplied with 6 spits – 4 birds per spit
  • Fitted with sliding glass door on one side and with glass panel on rear side allowing viewing on both sides
  • Fitted with 0 – 120 minute timer
  • Fitted with dial thermometer
  • Slide out grease tray is fitted with drain tap, making cleaning easy
  • All stainless steel finish with radiused corners for easy cleaning.
  • Please ring office for different spit options
Infrared rotisserie burners are a fantastic way to cook meat evenly. The infrared burners work by focusing the flame from a normal burner onto a ceramic tile that is full of thousands of tiny holes. An infrared rotisserie burner sits at the back of the grill to help reduce flare ups from dripping juices.

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Conveyor Pizza Oven Demonstrations 2013

Posted on September 25th, 2013

It is our great pleasure to announce that the Italforni Tunnel Stone Pizza Oven will be ready for your inspection at our Demo Kitchen in Lutterworth, Leicestershire in October.

We are keen to arrange appointments to visit our show kitchen for a demonstration of the oven.

The revolutionary Tunnel Stone is the only oven in the world to feature a refractory belt and is a patented design held by Italforni. This version gives your pizzas the authentic stone cooked Italian flavour, whether used for deep pan or thin crust.

This Conveyor Pizza Oven is available in a variety of sizes and Electric or Gas versions.

The Tunnel Stone Oven has a static heat source up to 500˚C, rather than forced air, which ensures a crisp base without drying out the topping. In addition, they have the benefit of individual temperature control of the top and bottom elements to guarantee perfect results.

The belt speed can be adjusted to suit the product and the controls are easy to use. Available in three different sizes, the ovens can also be stacked if required.

 Tunnel Stone Technology:

Energy Efficient – these machines can greatly reduce energy consumption. They start on full power: when the temperature has been reached, the power consumption is automatically reduced by 50% whilst maintaining the required temperature.

Hygiene – The machines are easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Versatility –  in addition to pizza, these ovens are true multi-purpose ovens also cooking focaccia, bruschetta, crostini, tortillas, chicken wings and meat.

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Why use CresCor Cook and Hold ovens? – Bigger,Better and tastier roasts!!

Posted on May 30th, 2013

CresCor cook and hold oven There are many advantages to using low temperature CresCor cook and hold ovens, here are 3 reasons; Bigger! – the main advantage is the reduced shrinkage of roasts during cooking, as much as an additional portion or more of prime rib for each rib roast could be saved. Ribs roasts cooked slowly at 93 – 107’C will typically yield 10 to 15% shrinkage – above 176’C they shrink approximately 25 to 35% so a large saving is achieved. Better! – The lower temperature used requires less energy – whilst taking longer to cook less energy is consumed. By using the “Hold” mode produce can be loaded and cooked at night ready for next day service, so reducing labour costs (no more early starts). These ovens do not need extraction canopies so reducing the overall running cost of the oven. Tastier! – The holding cycle will aid in the tenderisation of meats and enhance the flavour, enzymes break down some of the tougher muscle fibres in the meat during this “Holding” process – lower cost cuts may be used and become more tender. View products at this link

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New Commercial kitchen design for Ladywood Estate, in Rutland

Posted on May 28th, 2013

Cooking line for Ladywood estate

Giorik and Tecnoinox cooking line


Chefsrange were asked to do a new commercial kitchen design for a new Banqueting kitchen at Ladywood Estate, allowing them to offer a Wedding venue within the grounds of this beautiful country estate in Rutland on the edge of Leicestershire . A barn was c0nverted, to a high traditional specification both for the kitchen and for the guests – creating a romantic atmosphere. New floors, white foodgrade walls and extraction systems were added to the kitchen along with state of art cooking equipment supplied by Tecnoinox and Giorik providing a commercial catering kitchen that will allow upto 400 guests to be catered for.

The cooking line included Tecnoinox heavy duty equipment using fryers and solid top ranges alongside a Roll In Giorik combination oven, all backed up with 24 months parts warranty.

The kitchen was completed on budget and on time, ready for bookings already made.



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