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Looking for a New Gas Range for my Commercial Kitchen

Posted on October 27th, 2009

American Range AR6 Heavy Duty Six Burner Range

American Range AR6 Heavy Duty Six Burner Range

Need a new six burner for your commercial kitchen, or maybe you are setting up a new business and need a four burner, eight burner, or maybe an ten burner range.

You’ll find the choice of commercial cookers available on the market immense, but before you make your purchase consider the following:

1) Will the cooker fit through your doors? Do you have any dog legs or awkward stair cases which may prevent access?

2) Do you need high output burners or would you and your staff be happier with a more semi-domestic range?

3) Do you have the space for drop down oven doors, most commercial ranges now feature this but the Moorwood Vulcan line do still make a side opening door version which may be more practical if you have a tiny kitchen.

3) Is you gas supply adequate to feed the cooker? If you are going for an electric range, do you have 3 phase power?

Other things you may wish to consider for your six burner range are castors, they make it much easier to clean behind the cooker, drop on griddle plates which increase the versatility of the range or maybe a high level splash back and shelf to complement your new six, eight or ten burner range.

Chefsrange have a large selection of these four, six, eight and ten burner ranges on their website so take a look, they’ll be happy to advise you and pride themselves on offering very keen pricing and excellent customer service.

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Best Pizza Oven for a Commercial Kitchen

Posted on October 26th, 2009

TKA2 Twin Deck Electric Pizza Oven By Italforni

TKA2 Twin Deck Electric Pizza Oven By Italforni

What type of commercial pizza oven should I buy ?

First and foremost if you buy anything …make sure its an Italian pizza oven (some manufacturers claim Italian design  – but they are made in China!!)

You’’ll only get the true taste of pizza by buying one with a refractory stone base, this allows you to cook the pizza directly on the base – some people prefer to use pizza pans but the true pizza maker will always cook directly on the base.

Next you need to think about power – gas or electric? The electric pizza ovens are the best sellers as they are competitively priced and you don’’t have to worry about costly extraction systems. It’’s illegal to install a gas pizza oven without the full extract and safety cut out system, so factor this into your budget !!

If you’’re starting off with pizza as a trial you may want to go for a small counter top pizza oven, but the most popular sellers are the twin deck electric ovens which cook 8 x 12 pizzas.

The profit margin in pizza sales is enormous, the raw materials cost is low and consumers are used to paying upwards of £7 for a takeaway pizza.

There’’s a great selection of pizza ovens (all Italian!) on the following webpage, so take a look and get cooking up some healthy profits!!

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Lava Rock Chargrill or Radiant, Which is the best choice for me?

Posted on October 26th, 2009

Arris GV807 Chargrill

Arris GV807 Chargrill

Many Chefs like the appearance that only a lava rock grill can give to cooked food, others dislike the smoke produced and find them difficult to clean.

Some chefs appreciate radiant grills which are generally easier to clean, in particular, it’s worth looking at the Arris grillvapour.

This is a revolutionary radiant humidifying chargrill – the food is placed on easy clean stainless steel rods. Whilst cooking the food is naturally humidified by the steam produced from the water tray situated directly under the cooking grid. This water trays also captures any fat or juices, meaning the cooked product is healthy and the grill is easier to clean.

Available in depths of 550, 700 and 900, there’s bound to be a model suited to your commercial kitchen – widths are 400, 800 or 1200, so whether it’s a small cafe or a large restaurant there’s a model to suit your needs.

As the grid stays clean, it means delicate food such as fish and vegetables does not become tainted by stronger foods eg meat products. Most chefs will agree that once they have used the Arris grill vapour they would not want to go back to their old chargrill. Plus it’s available as an electric chargrill or a gas chargrill !

Have a look at the large range of both radiant and lava rock chargrills on the Chefsrange website, or give them a ring!

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Benefits and Profits using a Chicken Rotisserie

Posted on October 26th, 2009

CB E36P-S6 Black

CB E36P-S6 Black

There are many reasons why rotisserie chicken has become so popular.

Whether it’s at your local farmers market or high street supermarket, retailers have caught onto the added value that can be achieved between selling uncooked chicken and freshly spit roasted rotisserie chicken. Not only does it produce an enticing aroma, but sales and profit margins are huge!

There are rotisseries to suit all budgets and output from 6 birds up to 72 birds, in both electric and gas, models also work on LPG. So whether you have a small deli wishing to increase your product lines, or you wish to set up maybe a rotisserie trailer offering cooked chicken, or in fact other types of meat cooked out in the open, you can find a model to suit at a surprisingly affordable price.

You can find a whole host or rotisseries on the following webpage:

And what about the taste? The beauty of rotisserie cooked chicken is that it is cooked evenly as the spit rotates keeping the chicken moist and perfectly cooked.

With the ever increasing number of heath conscious consumers, it’s ideal as much of the excess fat simply drips away.

Both fresh and frozen chicken can be used, but fresh gives the best results.

Why not marinade your chicken before cooking – you can simply leave the birds cooking, no need to baste.

Don’’t think it’s just for chicken either, many of the rotisseries can be used for joints of meat, or jacket potatoes, so this piece of kit can be very versatile and pay for itself in next to no time!

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What type of Commercial Fryer – Gas or Electric?

Posted on October 23rd, 2009

Anets SLG40 Gas Fryer

Anets SLG40 Gas Fryer

It is important to consider the purpose for which it is required.

If you have a fast food outlet, or produce a large amount of fried food in a very short period of time, then you need to buy a fryer with a high output and quick recovery time. The recovery time is the amount of time it takes for the oil temperature to be up to the required temperature.

If you are buying gas you must check that you have sufficient gas available on site – a qualified engineer can check this for you – he will also look at how many other appliances are being fed from the gas source.

If buying electric you need to find out if 3 phase power is available, many high output electric fryers need 3 phase power.

If you are not so busy, then a counter top electric or gas fryer may be the answer – these models are compact and do not require as much power.. But don’’t make a false economy by buying a fryer which is too small for your needs.

And what about manufacturers?

The American built fryers, e.g. Anets and American Range fryers tend to be the most powerful and are perfect for busy outlets.

Restaurants who do not have this amount of power on site, or who prefer a gas or electric fryer which can suite up to a complete cooking line may prefer to go for a European manufacturer, e.g. Olis or Giorik.  These models are very easy to clean, and we have known models last in excess of 20 years!!

There’’s a great selection of fryers on the following webpage:

Gas and Electric Fryers

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