Conveyor Pizza Oven Demonstrations 2013

Posted on September 25th, 2013

It is our great pleasure to announce that the Italforni Tunnel Stone Pizza Oven will be ready for your inspection at our Demo Kitchen in Lutterworth, Leicestershire in October.

We are keen to arrange appointments to visit our show kitchen for a demonstration of the oven.

The revolutionary Tunnel Stone is the only oven in the world to feature a refractory belt and is a patented design held by Italforni. This version gives your pizzas the authentic stone cooked Italian flavour, whether used for deep pan or thin crust.

This Conveyor Pizza Oven is available in a variety of sizes and Electric or Gas versions.

The Tunnel Stone Oven has a static heat source up to 500˚C, rather than forced air, which ensures a crisp base without drying out the topping. In addition, they have the benefit of individual temperature control of the top and bottom elements to guarantee perfect results.

The belt speed can be adjusted to suit the product and the controls are easy to use. Available in three different sizes, the ovens can also be stacked if required.

 Tunnel Stone Technology:

Energy Efficient – these machines can greatly reduce energy consumption. They start on full power: when the temperature has been reached, the power consumption is automatically reduced by 50% whilst maintaining the required temperature.

Hygiene – The machines are easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Versatility –  in addition to pizza, these ovens are true multi-purpose ovens also cooking focaccia, bruschetta, crostini, tortillas, chicken wings and meat.

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