Induction Cooking

Posted on November 15th, 2013

Energy efficiency has to be one of your key considerations when you source new equipment. By investing in energy efficient equipment not only will you save money year on year, you will also reduce the impact on the environment.


Induction Cooking works using electromagnetism which directly heats the cookware itself as opposed to open burners or electric hobs. Induction cooking is faster, boasts instantly responsive temperature control and is more energy-efficient than traditional cooking methods.


Heat is produced by inducing an electric current within the cooking vessel itself, created using a coil of wire beneath the cooking pot. An alternating electric current travels through the coil producing an oscillating magnetic field, this then induces an electric current within the pot. The current then creates resistive heating which heats the food. This is all produced using a low voltage.
Because the heat is produced within the cookware with induction cooking this drastically reduces and almost eliminates the heat emissions into the kitchen resulting in a cooler, more comfortable environment. Cooling air is pushed through the electronics, but emerges only a little warmer than the ambient temperature of the kitchen. Another benefit is that burn injuries are far less likely to occur due to the surface of the cooking appliance only getting heated where it is in contact with the cooking pan.



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