Bottelino’s buy Palux Topline for Efficiency and Energy Saving

Posted on December 6th, 2013

Bottelino’s, one of the leading restaurant chains in Bristol, have just opened a new restaurant in Queens Road, Clifton. The new venue has been designed to conform to their new restaurant concept. The brief was to have high quality equipment that looks attractive, due to being on display, whilst boasting cutting edge engineering that is energy efficient to reduce running costs and to satisfy their green environmental policy.


The Topline range from leading German manufacturer Palux was selected due to the innovative energy saving features and robust design. Palux have developed their equipments ergonomic potential to ensure that the Chefs’ productivity is maximised. Due to its construction it is easy to clean, omits less heat, making life more comfortable for the chefs and allows extraction canopies to be run on lower settings, again reducing energy costs.

This kitchen boasts Induction Hobs, Energy Efficient Planchas, GriddlesCombi Ovens, and Salamander Grills.




This whole restaurant was designed and built within 5 weeks.


Mike Botta and Colin Wiltshire of Bottelino’s are extremely happy and impressed with the equipment supplied.

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