A pizza oven to sing about!

Posted on July 7th, 2014


Royal Albert HallWhen the Royal Albert Hall were looking at introducing a new Italian dining concept, they turned to Italforni to give them a solution to providing authentic stone baked pizza.

Concert goers are looking for a quick healthy meal pre or post performance and the introduction of pizza and pasta fitted the bill perfectly, all provided in a spectacular setting, aptly named Verdi Restaurant

The Italforni Tunnel stone oven is the only oven in the world to have a conveyor belt made of stone, which gives speed, ease of use and large volumes, without losing the handmade taste.   The ability to double stack the ovens means that a large volume of pizza can be produced in a relatively small commercial kitchen.     

As well as pizza, the Italforni tunnel conveyor pizza oven can also be used for cooking vegetables, meats, ciabatta etc thanks to the speed control and adjustable temperatures.

Featuring live music on a Friday night, Verdi Restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall offers diners  authentic Italian pizza in a venue that is second to none, so why not try the pizza cooked on the Italforni oven next time you are in London?


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