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“Bread Street Kitchen” boosts steak sales thanks to the Dry Age meat maturing fridge !

Posted on November 6th, 2015



Gordon Ramsay’s “Bread Street Kitchen” recently installed  a Dry Age meat maturing fridge, and was astonished at the increased sales during their lunchtime sitting. Other sites are now following this lead and adding them to their kitchen. The Dry Ager fridge allows time to produce an exceptional result, the texture of the meat is softer, the flavour is more intense – it just melts in your mouth! The meat ages on the bone at a constant humidity, which can be set between 60% to 90% and a constant temperature of 2’c (again adjustable),UVC sterilization and carbon filtration retains the quality of the meat. The Himalayan salt pack adds flavour to the meat during the aging process. The Dry Ager can be used for maturing cheese and curing pork making it an adaptable appliance now required in the modern day kitchen. The fridge is supplied as a single door freestanding appliance as standard, however it can be built in and “multiplexed” to suit site requirements.




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