Palux Bistroline and Palux combi oven goes into Palmers Garden Centre

Posted on May 11th, 2012

 Palux Bistroline Cooking equipment

Palux Bistroline Cooking equipment

Palmers of Enderby, have recently purchased and refurbished the Ullesthorpe Garden Centre, near Lutterworth, Leics. A newly extended upmarket dining area has been added, offering a larger menu option.  To facilitate the new menu and increased seating capacity, a new kitchen had to be added. As no Natural gas was available on site, and with the soaring price of LPG fuel, the new owners wanted an energy efficient kitchen which was easy to clean and would withstand heavy use over many years.  The Palux Bistroline cooking equipment  and Palux Combi oven was selected, incorporating energy efficient induction hobs, fryers, Bain maries and their unique Multi pan which can be used for shallow frying, braizing, boiling and griddling. The 3600mm long cooking line is mobile and was manufactured in one piece, with no joints in the worktop – all appliances being “Dropped in”, making cleaning quick and easy and optimising hygiene.  Standing next to the cooking line is a Slimline Palux 10 rack combi oven, only 500mm wide; this oven is fitted with an automatic inbuilt wash system (with a choice of 3 washing cycles) saving operator time on washing the oven.

“Michael the Head Chef stated that he is “delighted with the new cooking line” which is coping brilliantly with the ever increasing demands of this busy site.”


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Energy Saving Giorik SRH2060 Quick Therm salamander grill used by the worlds leading Chefs

Posted on February 3rd, 2012

Giorik SRH2060 "Quick Therm" salamander grill

Giorik SRH2060 “Quick Therm” salamander grill









This unique Giorik SRH2060 Quick Therm Salamander grill, can achieve energy savings of upto 70% compared to standard grills. It has a rapid heat up time of 0 – 200’c in 20 seconds – allowing the Chef to switch it on when required, this not only saves energy but also helps to reduce the heat in the kitchen.It is fitted with 3 heating elements, the outer 2 can be switched off if only a small items is being grilled. The grill is fitted with an automatic start/stop switching which is activated when a plate or a tray is loaded into the grilling area, another feature of the grill is the “cook and hold function” this will keep a cooked dish at a temperature between 40 to 70′ C. The grilling area is 540 x 370mm allowing it to take a 1/1gn tray. The Top of the grill can slide up and down – to withinn 25mm of the product being cooked – making it ideal for Gratinating. By filling the tray with water the grill will also prevent products drying out. This grill is used by leading Chefs around the world, Gordon Ramsay at the Maze grill, Langham Hotel, Barry Farrell at Farrell’s to nam e but a few.

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Gas Bratt pans and Electric Bratt Pans

Posted on November 7th, 2011

Firex Easy Bratt Pan

Firex Easy Bratt Pan

ChefsRange Catering Equipment are specialists in the supply of Commercial Gas bratt pans and Electric Bratt pans for production cooking or for general banqueting use.

Ideal for large quantity food production, Bratt Pans are very versatile – a truly multi purpose piece of catering equipment. Bratt pans can be used for braising, searing, shallow or deep frying. For example, you can set the Bratt pan at fry temperature for browning off meat, later on you can add liquid to allow the food to gently braise, in the Bratt Pan.

Bratt pans come in manual or electric tilt which makes emptying the bratt pan and washing out the pan very easy and safe for the operator. A plumbed in Bratt pan will allow water to be added to the food, or to be used to wash out the Bratt Pan tank at the end of the cooking time.

We also have a range of Autoclave lid Bratt Pans which means there is a pressurized lid which is clamped down to achieve quicker results at a higher temperature. Bratt pans with in-built stirrers by Firex are ideal for high volume cooking where consistent quality is required.

For our range of Bratt Pans go to the following link where you will find Gas and Electric Bratt pans from 50 litres up to 225 Litres for Gas Bratt Pans and Electric Bratt Pans.

Or call our experts who are always happy to help you.

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Farrell chooses Giorik Kitchen Equipment and Italforni pizza oven

Posted on July 21st, 2011

Giorik Kitchen Suite

When Barry Farrell of Farells Restaurant in Keynsham wanted a new front of house kitchen for his flagship site, he wanted a product line that was durable and good looking.  Barry chose Giorik Kitchen equipnent for the cooking line as the equipment looks good, is easy to clean and is flexible enough to cater for both lunch and dinner time menu’s. The equipment included high powered open burner ranges, fryers, pasta boilers, humidifying radiant chargrills, and an energy saving hi speed salamander grill. As the theme is Italian/Irish cuisine and Barrys reputation for quality pizzas is well known in the Bristol region, an Italforni pizza oven, a high quality deck oven was also chosen, not only as it produces large volumes, but also as it is an attractive oven to look at.

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Casta Teppanyaki goes Sushi in Ealing

Posted on June 17th, 2011

Casta Teppanyaki at Sen Nin

Casta Teppanyaki at Sen Nin

When Sen nin restaurant were opening a new branch of their successful Japanese Teppanyaki restaurants in Ealing they needed to buy six high quality teppanyaki griddles, which would stand up to the rigours of intensive use.

Sen Nin Japanese restaurants offer a fun and exciting atmosphere with live cooking, where the customers sit around the teppanyaki whilst the Chef prepares their food to order.

For this type of front of house cooking they needed to specify high quality teppanyaki griddles. The Casta electric Teppanyaki griddles have a chrome plate so not only are they very attractive and easy to clean, but they are also very energy efficient.

Proprietor Naresh Kapoor, stated: I am really pleased with the high quality of the Casta Teppanyaki griddles and am happy to recommend them!

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Subway Invest in New Italforni Pizza Oven!

Posted on June 17th, 2011

Italforni ES12-3 Triple Deck Pizza Oven

Italforni ES12-3 Triple Deck Pizza Oven

Franchisee SR Foods were looking for a heavy duty, attractive pizza oven to site in their busy new Edgware Rd store. The brief was to supply a triple deck energy efficient pizza oven capable of coping with a high output of pizzas per hour.

Chefsrange proposed an Italforni ES12 electric triple deck pizza oven which is capable of cooking 12 x 12” pizzas per deck, with each deck being individually controlled allowing the equipment to be flexible according to demand. The advantages of these ovens is that the top and bottom heat can be independently controlled, unlike gas ovens, and the steam release valve allows quick removal of humidity in the oven, ensuring crispy evenly cooked pizzas.

The inbuilt energy saving features of the Italforni pizza oven allows a reduction of up to 50% energy savings during non-peak times.

The franchisee chose the Italforni pizza oven as it was available on time and in budget and it provides an attractive impressive front of house display as well as achieving excellent results.

Next time you are in Edgware Rd, pop into Subway and try some Italforni pizza!

You can see this pizza oven via the following web-link:

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Amazing Value on Anets High Output Gas Fryers!

Posted on June 6th, 2010


 Anets High Output Gas Fryer

Anets High Output Gas Fryer

Don’t miss the special offers from Chefsrange on the Anets High Output gas fryers.

Buy with confidence with a full 2 years parts and 1 year labour warranty …. is it worth repairing your old fryer when you can get a brand new one with piece of mind for not much more than the cost of repair?

As a long established supplier of commercial catering equipment with technical advice available from our knowledgeable staff, we are sure to find you the best gas fryer you can get at value for money prices.

We can also supply you with a gas flex for your commercial gas fryer or arrange installation of your commercial catering equipment through our network of commercial catering engineers throughout the country.

Best prices, great service and amazing value for money …. your recipe for success with our special offer fryers!


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Quality Commercial Ovens

Posted on March 7th, 2010

Giorik KEP1031 + KGP1011

Giorik KEP1031 + KGP1011

Bake off oven, convection ovens, combi ovens – take a look at our Giorik commercial ovens, all designed and made in Italy to exacting standards. Giorik have been manufacturing since the 1960s and employ a team of highly skilled operatives to produce excellent quality commercial ovens at recession beating prices. Their many years of building quality catering equipment ensures they can produce ovens which have all the necessary features yet are excellent value.

Ovens range from a 3 rack bake off oven suitable for a cafe up to a 20 grid combi oven. Features include either simple manual controls or digital programmeable versions, take a look at the large selection of commercial ovens on our website. If you need further convincing, visit the manufacturer’s website,, where you can download full brochures on their commercial ovens or in fact any of their huge range of catering equipment.

Chefsrange has been selling Giorik Catering equipment for over 15 years, it is specified by major chains and gives year after year of reliability.

So look no further for the best value convection oven, bake-off oven, or combi oven on the market.

Don’t buy inferior quality from unknown Catering equipment manufacturers when you can buy this type of quality catering equipment at an affordable price!

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Chicken Rotisseries on Demand!

Posted on December 10th, 2009

CB E-36P-S6 Rotisserie

CB E-36P-S6 Rotisserie

CB Italy, based near Bergamo have been designing and manufacturing chicken rotisseries for 45 years. The state of the art manufacturing facility allows them to produce over 200 different models of chicken rotisserie, most models available to ship within only one week from date of order, plus a large range of general commercial catering equipment from this Italian supplier

In 2003, the company became Vision 2000 certified and they continue to raise the standards in the production of chicken rotisseries, already one of the top manufacturers in Europe.

Whether it’s a gas or electric rotisserie you need, planetary or automatic rotisserie, take a look at the selection shown on the following page:

CB rotisseries are used by thousands of companies from large supermarkets to small catering outlets, their reliability is second to none and the competitive pricing means these chicken rotisseries are accessible for most catering outlets.

Just think of the profit margin … buy a chicken for less than £2 … once it’s cooked on a CB chicken rotisserie you can sell it for over double !!! Not a bad return on investment, especially as you don’t need to employ highly skilled staff to operate a chicken rotisserie.

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The Maestro of Commercial Pizza Ovens!

Posted on December 10th, 2009

Italforni Bull Pizza Oven

Italforni Bull Pizza Oven

Italforni have been manufacturing commercial pizza ovens for over 30 years, employing craftsmen and the latest technology to supply pizza ovens from single deck to multiple deck in both gas and electric.

Italforni pizza ovens are manufactured to exacting standards providing a highly reliable pizza oven for a very competitive price. When you are looking to buy catering equipment such as a pizza oven you need to make sure that it will give you years of reliable service, that the pizza oven will be easy to maintain and service and that you are able to get spare parts for your pizza oven if required. It’s a false economy to buy a commercial pizza oven from a non established supplier as you may well find it’s impossible to get any technical support or after sales service if you buy from a less reliable pizza oven supplier.

Ask anyone who has bought an Italforni pizza oven – they won’t buy another brand, they know that this oven is one of the best pizza ovens money can buy. Not only are they excellent value pizza ovens but they also are very stylish pizza ovens – ideal for open kitchens where the smell of freshly baked pizza comes wafting into the restaurant! Take a look at the selection on the chefsrange website –

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