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Induction Cooking

Posted on November 15th, 2013

Energy efficiency has to be one of your key considerations when you source new equipment. By investing in energy efficient equipment not only will you save money year on year, you will also reduce the impact on the environment.


Induction Cooking works using electromagnetism which directly heats the cookware itself as opposed to open burners or electric hobs. Induction cooking is faster, boasts instantly responsive temperature control and is more energy-efficient than traditional cooking methods.


Heat is produced by inducing an electric current within the cooking vessel itself, created using a coil of wire beneath the cooking pot. An alternating electric current travels through the coil producing an oscillating magnetic field, this then induces an electric current within the pot. The current then creates resistive heating which heats the food. This is all produced using a low voltage.
Because the heat is produced within the cookware with induction cooking this drastically reduces and almost eliminates the heat emissions into the kitchen resulting in a cooler, more comfortable environment. Cooling air is pushed through the electronics, but emerges only a little warmer than the ambient temperature of the kitchen. Another benefit is that burn injuries are far less likely to occur due to the surface of the cooking appliance only getting heated where it is in contact with the cooking pan.



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New Commercial kitchen design for Ladywood Estate, in Rutland

Posted on May 28th, 2013

Cooking line for Ladywood estate

Giorik and Tecnoinox cooking line


Chefsrange were asked to do a new commercial kitchen design for a new Banqueting kitchen at Ladywood Estate, allowing them to offer a Wedding venue within the grounds of this beautiful country estate in Rutland on the edge of Leicestershire . A barn was c0nverted, to a high traditional specification both for the kitchen and for the guests – creating a romantic atmosphere. New floors, white foodgrade walls and extraction systems were added to the kitchen along with state of art cooking equipment supplied by Tecnoinox and Giorik providing a commercial catering kitchen that will allow upto 400 guests to be catered for.

The cooking line included Tecnoinox heavy duty equipment using fryers and solid top ranges alongside a Roll In Giorik combination oven, all backed up with 24 months parts warranty.

The kitchen was completed on budget and on time, ready for bookings already made.



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Gas Bratt pans and Electric Bratt Pans

Posted on November 7th, 2011

Firex Easy Bratt Pan

Firex Easy Bratt Pan

ChefsRange Catering Equipment are specialists in the supply of Commercial Gas bratt pans and Electric Bratt pans for production cooking or for general banqueting use.

Ideal for large quantity food production, Bratt Pans are very versatile – a truly multi purpose piece of catering equipment. Bratt pans can be used for braising, searing, shallow or deep frying. For example, you can set the Bratt pan at fry temperature for browning off meat, later on you can add liquid to allow the food to gently braise, in the Bratt Pan.

Bratt pans come in manual or electric tilt which makes emptying the bratt pan and washing out the pan very easy and safe for the operator. A plumbed in Bratt pan will allow water to be added to the food, or to be used to wash out the Bratt Pan tank at the end of the cooking time.

We also have a range of Autoclave lid Bratt Pans which means there is a pressurized lid which is clamped down to achieve quicker results at a higher temperature. Bratt pans with in-built stirrers by Firex are ideal for high volume cooking where consistent quality is required.

For our range of Bratt Pans go to the following link where you will find Gas and Electric Bratt pans from 50 litres up to 225 Litres for Gas Bratt Pans and Electric Bratt Pans.

Or call our experts who are always happy to help you.

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