Palux Maxi 1011BQL-W 11 x 2/1gn electric combi oven with wash system

£9,002.79 (Ex VAT) £10,803.35 (Inc VAT)

980w x 795d x 1120h

Power Requirements
17.5kw - 415v (3 phase - 3 x 25 amp)

Detailed Description


This Palux Maxi 1011BQL-W High capacity electric combi oven will take a range of cooking trays increasing its flexibility - but it still has a small footprint, it is fitted wth electronic "Touchscreen controls" - non programmable, and is supplied with an inbuilt wash system as standard. It's pleasing looks make it ideal for front of house cooking - ideal for retail or convenience stores. Features:


  • Capacity 11 trays - either 22 x 1/1gn,11 x  2/1gn or 600 x 400mm bakery tray just by changing the oven rack settings
  • Easy to use TFT colour "Touchscreen" controls - with each cooking program having 4 phases of cooking available.
  • Oven is fitted with 5 speed fan - automatically reversing to give even cooking results
  • Fitted with an automatic wash system with 5 wash cycles to choose from including a quick rinse cycle - uses powder detergent
  • Supplied with multi point core probe with delta T cooking
  • Can be supplied with a handwash shower as an option
  • Prima Clima - Dry & Moist heat, freely combinable
  • Active climate - Active moistening & de-humidification of the cooking chamber
  • Temp active - preheating or cooling oven down with utilisation of residual heat
  • E/2 energy selection control - reduces energy consumption by 50%, ideal when only cooking small amount of produce
  • Fitted with USB interface - allows quick and easy uploading of Software upgrades etc
  • Fitted with timer - 1 minute to 24 hours time setting
  • Triple glazed insulated front door allows easy cleaning and quick viewing - triple pane glass is toughened
  • Fitted with 2 water connections - 1 for softened supply
  • High grade 304 stainless steel interior and exterior with radiused internal corners and removable oven rack for quick and easy cleaning
  • Fitted with 12 volt halogen interior lighting

Softener 1 Water Treatment System - with flow meter

8000 litre capacity - supplied with head kit, flowmeter and 2 hoses

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