Giles FSH-2A-99 Fryer Ventless Extraction canopy with Ansul fire suppression system

£8,732.34 (Ex VAT) £10,478.81 (Inc VAT)

755w x 770d x 2128h

Power Requirements
13amp 230v

Detailed Description

The Giles Floorstanding FSH-2A Fryer Ventless hood is specifically designed for application where a traditional extraction system is not practical or not allowed eg Listed buildings, Shopping malls, Residential areas. It consists of a 3 stage air purification system and an inbuilt Ansul fire suppression system (not charged). 


  • Floorstanding easy to install - ideal for fryers 600mm wide maximum of 20kw input rating
  • 3 Stage air purification system - 1.) Stainless steel baffle filters traps large grease particles - 2) Precipitator Filter consisting of an ironizer that charges particles of dirty air allowing them to be collected by an electrostatic force - 3) Disposable Charcoal filters eliminating odours.
  • In built Ansul fire system with 5.6ltr tank, piping, appliance plenum and nozzles and cable conduit - needs to be charged by local agent (not included in price)
  • Operator indicator lights - advises when charcoal filters need to be changed or are missing
  • Built in interlock relay - automatically switches the extraction on when fryer is switched on.
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Exhaust rating 510 - 680 cubic feet per minute
  • Decibel level = 65
  • Can only be used with electical appliances only - see spec sheet for power loading allowed